What a day!!! - now on to 2022!

Wow - its been TWO YEARS since the last Polruan Regatta.  We hope that we can bring this glorious weekend of entertainment back to Polruan in 2022!

Polruan Regatta 2019!

Meet our new Carnival King.

This year the committee decided to open up the attendants positions to boys and girls to accompany the Carnival Queen.


In more recent years there had been no interest in being a page boy.


This year Tom entered and as he was slightly older than a usual page boy age we felt it more appropriate to make him Carnival King.


Sports Day

New trophies for winners...

 ...of the new this year adult sack races, given by the family in tribute to very long serving committee member David Hill.


David had suggested that we introduced sack races for adults.


David Hill Ladies Trophy -  Charlene Lamy

David Hill Mens trophy    - Troy Taylor


Water sports back for 2019!

As the tide was in for most of the day we were able to re-introduce two events last held 7 years ago. Cork bobbing and Donut racing.


We were grateful to the Polruan Coastguard Team for providing water safety swimmers.

What awesome costumes!

As ever, we were completely blown away by the costumes on display this year and we urge you to check out our GALLERY to see some more of them.  We had all ages, shapes AND sizes... from President Donald Trump to Cleopatra and the entire Simpsons cast.

We love each and every costume and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

The crabs were back!

Crabbing on the Quay 2019

Crabbing competition results:

Number of children catching crabs - 36

Crabs caught - 54.  All humanely returned to the sea after the event!